Craft Your Compelling Brand Identity

Transform your business idea into a memorable brand! Our branding experts will help you build your brand from A to Z. Starting by crafting your brand identity, establishing your brand’s messages, and finally defining your target audience. When you work with us, you also get a custom branding strategy defined for your brand’s long-term success.

Imora Media Branding

Here’s How We  Can Help You

Brand Style Guides

Brand Style Guides

Define the visual elements that will drive your brand’s identity with our professionals! We’ll work with you on creating a powerful logo, a color palette, illustrations, and engaging videos.

Finding what works best for your brand can be difficult, and this is why we always have a creative and personalized approach for your business.

You can count on our team to define strong branding guidelines that will set you apart from your competitors. Grow your business with branding experts!

Logo Design

Building trust is an essential part of building a successful brand and the right design can go a long way to help achieve this.

With a great logo you can reach people quickly and easily by making an immediate visual impact.

Connecting with your customers in a way that becomes familiar and recognisable, safe, reassuring, reliable – whatever it is you want to be.

Logo design


Your success should be accelerated by a successful rebranding that turns your company into a forward-thinking entity that can seize new chances. It calls for a broader and deeper set of skills than those offered by a standard marketing or branding business.

Imora Media offers a full range of services to support this exciting end-to-end business change if your brand is no longer serving its intended purpose, portraying an outdated or wrong picture of your company, or hindering your growth.

Product Packaging

You want your packaging to stand out and be a key driver of sales. But you think the design process can be too subjective.

That’s why Imora Media leads with our consumer first approach whereby package designs are tested and iterated with your consumers. You get a package design that is proven to connect your brand story with shoppers and drive more sales.

Product packaging

Company Documents

While creating corporate papers, our graphic designers and copywriters follow the brand requirements, house style, and company tone of voice of our clients.

We can create unique digestible infographics and other visual aids to decipher concepts and decode data.

We are prepared to handle every step of the corporate document process, from layout planning to design, picture selection, content preparation, and printing, after receiving a preliminary brief. Our team produces files for electronic distribution or digital download in addition to print-ready corporate papers.

Email Signatures

We’re here to support you as you create a memorable brand identity throughout all of your company communications. Having a professionally made signature will make you stand out from the crowd.

It sends the message that you are speaking on behalf of a reliable company and giving anyone who might need to get in touch with you important information.


Branding Pricing

We understand that your needs are dynamic, so our pricing reflects that. The prices stated below are a guideline to set your expectations on what you’ll receive and help you budget when looking to grow your business online. For detailed final pricing and service offering, get in touch and we’ll set up a consultation at your next convenience.

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