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Drive engagement and increase your conversion rate with Imora Media’s social media services! We will help you manage your presence on the best social media channels for your business. From creating social media calendars, to designing unique content, and optimizing social media ads, we are dedicated to boosting your brand’s visibility! Get a free personalized consultation for your business with us.

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The Impact of Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing is underestimated by many businesses, but as the world becomes an increasingly digital space, particularly in terms of communication and commerce, it’s essential you take advantage of all that online marketing has to offer.

  • Reach a massive audience

    Currently 4.2 billion social media users worldwide and the number is increasing all the time.


  • Target demographics

    Specifically target people that fit your customer profile, e.g. women aged 40-49 who like working out regularly and have a dog


  • Connect more directly with your audience

    Enabling you to have direct and in-the-moment communication with customers and potential customers.


  • Build brand awareness

    Through the increase in exposure across relevant social media channels and as a result of powerful and influential peer-to-peer sharing.


  • Stay current

    Remain in the virtual loop by staying up to date with (or even leading) the latest trends and getting involved in topical discussions and themes.


  • Increase sales and reach

    Increase sales – the potential to massively boost sales as a result of the increase in reach.


  • Drive traffic to your website

    Raising awareness and giving you further opportunity to inform and educate customers about your company, its ethos and your products or services.

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Social Media Channel Set Up<br />

Social Media Channel Set Up

We’ll make sure that your online footprint is complete and consistent across the channels that will suite your business the most.

Getting this set up correctly is the first step to dominating the online space. Our aim is to allow you to effectively manage your social media channels and keep them fresh with informative content that will boost your growth and presence.

Imora Media also offers social media management services should you want to relieve your self of this task. Continue reading to find out how we can help you manage and maintain your social media footprint.


Our social media marketing specialists will design a strategy that will drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.

Our process starts with a free consultation to understand your business goals. With this information in mind, we will recommend the best social media platforms for your brand.

Then, we analyze your current social media accounts, and perform a competitive analysis for you.

Once these steps are completed, we build and implement your custom social media marketing strategy.

Content Creation

Content Creation

 Our monthly social media content retainer is a great way to keep your presence fresh online.

Each month we create enough content for you to post every other day, ensuring you have a steady stream of high quality, consistent content to engage your audience.

First, we will work with you to establish brand guidelines for social media content – ensuring it ‘looks and feels’ right – and then supply you with fresh content for the month ahead, guided by the particular messages you want to promote.

Whether it’s a monthly photoshoot, graphic design tiles or on-brand stock imagery, we’ll design the right content creation to bring your feed to life.

Scheduling and Posting

Are you missing out on revenue and audience growth because you’re too busy to manage your social media activity?

Each month we will schedule and publish content at optimal times for maximum engagement (only after you’ve reviewed and approved the content calendar of course!). With on-brand social content that sets you apart, you’ll be hitting all the rights notes.

Resharing user-generated content from your brand fans and managing influencer relationships is all part of the service, if that’s what the strategy calls for!

We will also keep an ear to the ground on latest trends ensuring your brand capitalises on cultural currents.

Scheduling and Posting
Community Management</p>

Community Management

Posting great content is just the first step to amplifying your brand through social media.

To turn fast followers into long-term customers, you need to yarn with your newfound friends – building a two-way relationship with your social community is essential.

This can be time consuming, however. So we will monitor and manage your comments and messages, ensuring your customers don’t wait too long to hear from you.

We’ll also engage in meaningful conversations with your customers and other businesses to add value, help build awareness of your offerings, and give real personality to your brand.


An excellent social media marketing strategy not only revolves around producing engaging content for your audience but also launching effective ads.

Our team specializes in social media ads optimization! We create targeted ads that help you spread the word to your audience about your mission and your products/services.


Social Media Services Pricing

We understand that your needs are dynamic, so our pricing reflects that. The prices stated below are a guideline to set your expectations on what you’ll receive and help you budget when looking to grow your business online. For detailed final pricing and service offering, get in touch and we’ll set up a consultation at your next convenience.

What’s Not Included

Paid advertising – This is billed separately and preferably with your own payment method. This way you retain full visibility over spend and have receipts for all campaigns. If this option is unavailable to you we’d be able to assist using our digital advertising services.

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